A new report addresses chronic homelessness in our area through the lens of supportive housing.

The report, from the Social Research and Planning Council, United Way Perth Huron, found that currently, an estimated 208 people across Perth-Huron are experiencing homelessness and in need of support.

Supportive housing is a combination of housing assistance and support services to help people struggling with factors including mental health issues maintain a safe place to live and receive appropriate health care.

One of the ways to address the issue is for communities to look at the options available.

SRPC Director of Research Joelle Lewis says there can be a stigma associated with housing assistance.

“People don’t say when I grow up I want to be homeless, it doesn’t end up being that way, it comes from a state of an individual having most likely childhood traumas that exist.”

Lewis adds they are hoping to encourage discussion and action around chronic homelessness and other housing-related challenges.