UPDATE: 6:21 P.M.

The local state of emergency for Middlesex Centre has been terminated.

Officials say the decision was made Thursday evening following updates from the county engineer and local emergency services personnel.


All of the rain we’ve seen over the last few days has led to a local state of emergency being declared in Middlesex County.

Warden Cathy Burghardt-Jesson says a heavy amount of rain came down quite quickly, with many areas receiving upwards of 100 millimetres, and it caused several roads to be washed out.

Residents in the area are being urged to stay home until flooding conditions improve with a number of schools also closed.

Burghardt-Jesson says the hardest region is the western end of the county.

“It’s almost like you can draw a line from Parkhill right down to the Glencoe area and, at this time, all of the county roads have reopened however many local roads in municipalities remain closed.”

She adds another meeting will take place later today where a decision on keeping the state of emergency in place will be made.