Not even the holiday spirit could keep scammers at bay.

The Perth County OPP says a Listowel man fell victim to a phone-based scam around Christmas.

The man got in touch with police and told them he got a phone call from a company claiming to be Air Miles Canada.

He was told he’d won thousands of Air Miles and was asked to give over his credit card number so that the prize could be linked to his card, which he did.

The man grew suspicious, checked his VISA card transactions and found that a $1,200 charge had been made while he was dealing with the scammer.

The OPP says some signs that someone could be attempting to scam you include telling you that you’ve won a contest you didn’t enter or that you have to give out a credit card number to claim your prize.

Never give out your personal or credit card information over the phone.

To report a fraud call the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501 or go online at  You can also report fraud to your nearest police service.