If the lousy weather has proven anything this winter it’s the importance of safe alternative forms of transportation to cars and airplanes.

With this in mind, the railways will be front and centre this week at the Local Community Food Centre in Stratford.

The Canadian documentary ‘Derailed’ about the history and ongoing importance of the railways will be screened on Thursday at 612 Erie Street.

It will be followed by a panel discussion.

Local ‘Save VIA’ organizer Chris West along with Sheila Clarke from the Canadian Federation of University Women and Jassamine Tabibi of the Huron-Perth Transportation Task Force will deliver remarks and the floor will be opened to discussion.

The evening begins at 6:30pm Thursday night.

More information can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

 Also, Chris West started an online petition calling for passenger rail service to be restored across the country.

The MoveOn.org petition sits at 3913 signatures.

It will be sent to Parliament once it runs out of momentum.