The bad weather has caused a long list of cancellations.

That list includes today’s garbage and recycling collection by the Bluewater Recycling Association.

A number of areas, including Perth East, North Perth and West Perth are affected by the cancellation.

Here is a complete list of the cancellations and rescheduled dates:

Monday January 6th



-Lambton Shores (Ipperwash Area)

-Middlesex Centre (London Area)

-North Perth (Listowel North Area, Elma Rural and Hamlets)

-Perth East (Mornington, Milverton Area)


-West Perth (Mitchell Area)

As a result of their biweekly collection frequency, these areas have been postponed for a special collection on:

Tuesday January 7th

-Strathroy-Caradoc (Caradoc South)

Thursday January 9th

-North Perth (Elma Rural and Hamlets)

Friday January 10th

-Bluewater (Rural Areas)

Monday January 13th

-North Perth (Listowel North East)

If you have any questions or concerns call 1-800-265-9799 extension 228.