The National Farmers Union is sounding the alarm over Bill C-18.

The group says the proposed federal overhaul to the Plant Breeders Rights Act benefits huge multinational seed companies at the expense of local farmers.

Local farmer Ann Slater is the national vice-president of policy at the NFU and a local farmer.

She says the ancient practice of farmers buying and selling seeds amongst themselves is being jeopardized by foreign multinational corporations.

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Slater warns that the changes will jeopardize the ability of farmers to buy, sell, store or trade seeds as they see fit.

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To fight back, the NFU will host a presentation and discussion at the Local Community Food Centre next Wednesday.

She outlines what will happen on April 2nd.

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The meeting will take place at 7:30pm in the LCFC at 612 Erie Street in Stratford.

For more information, go to the NFU website.