Many craft beer brewers say they won’t sacrifice quality and lower their prices to a loonie per can despite the new Progressive Conservative buck-a-beer plan.

Matt Gibson of Burlington-based Nickel Brook Brewing says he thinks no one in the Ontario craft brewing market can possibly afford to sell their beer at that price and make any money.

Premier Doug Ford announced Tuesday the government would lower the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer with an alcohol volume below 5.6 per cent by 25 cents to one dollar.

Jobsite Brewing Company just opened in Stratford and President Phil Buhler says Ford’s announcement is disappointing.

“Especially when it seems like they jumped the gun and they throw something out that most people would understand is not logical but then the mass majority start to believe that it is possible and then it just leads to a bunch of misconceptions.”

Muskoka Brewery president Todd Lewin says the Bracebridge company can’t lower its prices while maintaining beer quality and paying their employees a living wage.