There’s a new addition to the business landscape in Stratford.

Trillium Hatchery Inc. held a ribbon cutting-cutting ceremony at their 70-thousand square foot facility in the city’s Wright Business Park on Tuesday.

The city says the facility is a $25 million dollar investment which will generate economic opportunities in Stratford and across Ontario.

Construction began on the facility last year and it utilizes a new technology,. called HatchCare, which the facilities founders say aims to provide stronger, healthier chicks in an animal-friendly and antibiotic-free production with a superior environment through the entire hatching process.

Joani Gerber is the Chief Executive Officer with investStratford and she says attracting a company like this shows the city is very diverse.

“The city has so many wonderful things to offer, this particular company has taken some technology from Holland, brought it over here to Ontario and built their business in Stratford, it’s very tech-based.”

The hatchery is expected to employ more than 20 full-time staff.