You’re being reminded to lock it or risk losing it.

Stratford Police say that between November 5th and now there have been 17 break and enters in St.Marys, most happening to buildings or sheds that weren’t locked at the time.

Police say it’s important to remember that vehicle and property thefts can happen at any time of the year, especially before or after the holidays, and it’s important to make sure you take steps to prevent theft including making sure that your property is locked up securely.

Stratford Police Constable Darren Fischer says it’s worth your time to make sure things are protected.

“Just because it’s not locked doesn’t give anyone the right to walk away with any of your property but it is important that you do what you can to prevent that from happening.”

Another issue that Fischer is reminding you about is that if you need police immediately call 911, don’t leave a message on social media where the accounts are not monitored 24 hours a day.