Lawyers for a woman convicted of killing an eight-year-old Woodstock girl have withdrawn an application for a review of their client’s transfer from a healing lodge back to prison.

The application, however, still went before an Edmonton judge, who ruled that a review of Terri-Lynn McClintic’s transfer is warranted, but additional papers needed to be filed.

McClintic’s lawyers did not say if they intend to renew the application in Alberta or another jurisdiction.

Rodney Stafford, the father of Tori Stafford who was murdered in 2009, says he has never been told why McClintic was transferred in the first place.

“All they want to talk about is what they’ve changed since then and what they’re looking forward to doing in the future, I don’t care, I want answers for how this has happened and how ten years later I’m still trying to get justice for my daughter.”

McClintic and her boyfriend, Michael Rafferty, are serving life sentences for the first-degree murder of Tori.