“A massive, real problem.”

That’s what Ontario Premier Doug Ford says is caused by a lack of “reliable internet access” through some areas of the province, including in parts of southwestern Ontario.

Ford was on hand Tuesday in Lucan where he announced a plan for $315 million to bring high-speed internet and improved cell phone service to communities in rural and remote areas.

He says a lack of high-speed services is also a security issue.

“We take it for granted, you know in other regions of Ontario our car break down and god forbid it’s late at night, well when your car breaks down here and your by yourself and it’s late at night you’re stranded, you’re stranded until someone comes by, just put yourself in the shoes these people have been in for a number of years.”

A new broadband fund for $150 million, in an effort to attract private sector funding and support from other levels of government, is also part of the plan.