Stratford Police says they’ve increased their number of officers on patrol to help deal with COVID-19.
In a release, SPS says they will be conducting regular checks at local businesses which have been ordered to close by the province to help cut down on the spread of the virus.
They say they will also be monitoring other points of interest being mindful that everyone is complying with the Emergency Order and working to prevent any, and all, criminal activity in our communities.
SPS says  charges could be laid under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act against those not following the guidelines.
Punishments under the act include a maximum fine of $100-thousand and a jail term of up to one-year; a maximum fine of $500-thousand and a jail term of up to one-year for persons responsible for a corporation; or, a maximum fine of $10-thousand for any corporation.
The force says their main goals are to help educate the public and to ensure public safety.