Oxford County OPP is investigating after they say they received a report of someone impersonating a police officer near Tavistock.

They say a driver reported she was stopped by an individual on Braemar Sideroad and Highway 59 during the first week of April,

Police say the suspect, who was wearing clothing resembling a police uniform, asked the driver about her essential worker status.

The driver provided the information and the suspect left the scene in a dark-colored sport utility vehicle equipped with a light bar with flashing red and blue lights.

Police say drivers who suspect they have been pulled over or confronted by a police impersonator should immediately call 911 to contact police.

Don’t get out of your vehicle and, if possible, try to write down a description of the person, their vehicle, and their license plate as soon as it is safe to do so.

The OPP say they don’t stop vehicles to ask about the employment status of the driver or its occupants and add drivers aren’t required to prove they are an essential worker to police.