Huron Perth Public Health is issuing a Class Order to help protect migrant farm workers in the area.
Huron Perth Medical Officer of Health Dr. Miriam Klassen ss she issued the order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread within farms who employ Temporary Foreign Workers or migrant workers.
The order gives HPPH the authority to ensure the health and safety of the workers is protected and hand out fines and take other action if it isn’t.
It applies to all Huron and Perth farm workers, operators and temporary help agencies who employ migrant workers and D. Klassen adds the order doesn’t “come as a result of issues identified with our farms”.
Instead, she says it “serves as a legal mechanism to ensure the health and safety of workers is protected¬†and HPPH guidance is followed.”
The order includes measures like ensuring employees sel-isolate as necessary, with proper supports in place, and ensuring employees work exclusively in one workplace.
The order is in effect as of noon on Tuesday.