We’re looking at a fall that will be milder than normal.

That’s according to Environment Canada Chief Meteorologist David Phillips who says, after seeing one of the warmest summers on record in our area, the residual heat will stick around and lead to a warmer than normal fall.

Phillips says we saw 21 days over the summer where the temperature went above 21 degrees when we normally would only see around 10 or 11 and he says that warmth isn’t going to just disappear just because the calendar is changing to fall on Tuesday.

He says that. while days will still be cooler than what we saw in the summer, we’re looking at almost a perfect fall forecast.

“Milder than normal, dryer than normal, great for farmer’s to get those final crops out, to get the new winter wheat seeded, no issues there.”

As for what the winter could bring, Phillips says because the lakes are still warm that could lead to significant snowfalls in November and December.