The First Annual Nicole Wagler Wrestling Tournament was held at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School on Wednesday, December 18th.

There were wrestlers from Goderich, Delhi, Ingersol, Simcoe, Valley Heights, Stratford and St. Marys taking part.

Northwestern wrestlers won the overall title, the boys title and the girls title.

Thirty three Huskie Wrestlers took part winning 12 gold medals, 11 silver medals and 5 bronze medals.

Winning gold for the Huskies were Seth Tate, Carter McCue, Sheldon MaDonald, Sarah Killeleagh, Cody Saunders, Kiya Dietrich, Angela Steckly, Matt Dawe, Rick Tate, Devin Wagler, Amber Fergusson and Daniel Bald.

Silver medalist include Lucy Barroeta, Nick Ogram, ack McNichol,Riley Miller, Bailey Read, Jamie Steckly, Kross Lupsor, Wyatt Longhurst, Summer Lennon, Tola Francis, and Jon Strahan.

Bronze medal winners include Evan Radtke, Brett Belanger, Eric Brubacher, Brandon Tinning and Dorian Redfern.

Others wrestling for Northwestern were Reece Cassels, Nick Yungblut, Dana Pugh, Esther Baratlett and Joey Jarvis.